Monday, January 12, 2009

God Provides Yet Again

I was busy in my kitchen sometime last week, and in the middle of baking or cooking or something involving a hand mixer, my mixer broke. Again.

I had just purchased this mixer, too. It seems we go through them very quickly. This was the first use on that mixer and I finished the bread I was making by hand.

If I were the type of cook who only makes cake mixes on birthdays, that would be one thing. But I'm not. My kids are on a special diet and I make everything from scratch in order to afford said special diet.

Here's how it went:

"Lord, my mixer broke again. Lord, I'm going to be bold and ask you for a Kitchen Aid. Lord, I know we can't afford one, and I don't know if this is a need or a want, but Lord, I'm just going to ask, and if you provide me with a Kitchen Aid, it will be a miracle and you will get the glory. But Lord, it will have to be YOU, because we don't have the three hundred dollars it would take for this appliance."

Whenever I thought of wanting a Kitchen Aid mixer, I said "Lord, if it's your will, you can do this, but it will have to be You, etc."

That night, I told Wes I was praying for a Kitchen Aid mixer. About thirty seconds later, he says: "How much was that mixer your are praying for?" "Three hundred dollars, why?"

He hands me a very unexpected Christmas check from a relative for that exact amount.

My Kitchen Aid arrived today. Mine's red.



Tabitha said...

That is so awesome! I am soooo happy for you. Sometimes I wonder how I can continue to doubt God's provision in the face of such overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Lord I believe, help thou my unbelief. Meanwhile, happy mixing.

Veiled Glory said...

Glory to God for All Things!

elizabeth said...

Yea! If i ever get one of these, I am totally getting an Empire Red one... however, I was thinking about how you had blogged that you needed one and I must say I hoped you would get one more than me, since you do all that baking for your family with speical diets!!! so I am SO HAPPY that you got one!!!! that's wonderful! and you got a Red one! yay!

Alana said...

Mine is the burnt Cinnamon color. A bit darker than Empire Red, and matches all my other kitchen stuff like my dark red tea kettle and my red towels, etc.

I'm happy today. Made chocolate chip cookies and batter for potato waffles today.

Laura said...

Yay! Happy mixing!

Monica said...

Glory to God, indeed!

...and potato waffles? care to share the recipe?

Joi said...

I am so happy for you! My mom loves hers. She uses the meat grinder attachment a lot. Cheers to you my friend, you truly deserved this blessing.

wendylf said...

Praise the LORD! He is awesome and gracious!

Thanks for the reminder to pray for the "small" things...I need a big deep freeze and I have forgotten to pray for it!

About 12 years ago my DH was out of work, we had 4 kids and I bake a lot. The LORD provided in so many ways and once we were given a check, the LORD laid it on my heart to buy a Kitchen Aid. It has made life for this mom soooooo much easier!

Praise the LORD once again (for you and for my good old white one)!

Mimi said...

Thanks be to God!

elizabeth said...

i noticed that yours looked a darker red... very cool... my living room/kitchen is painted a green (don't know who to describe it) and the red would go... but also i secretly want the red one!!! :) someday probably... :)