Friday, January 30, 2009

GFCF S'mores

One of the challenges of being on the GFCF diet if you are a kid, is missing out on some gastronomical community events of childhood that everyone enjoys. It's just no fun to be at the bonfire when everyone else is eating s'mores, and you are stuck perhaps only roasting marshmallows.

Well, fear not, because today I bring you: GFCF S'mores.

First off, the marshmallows: those are easy. Just read the ingredients list and make sure they are GF. If it says food starch, find another brand. So far I've had good luck with generics, which specifically say they are made with corn starch. So, that's easy.

We've been making GFCF graham crackers for quite some time, and have gotten to the point where whipping up a batch is not really that big of a deal. We love all the recipes we have tried from, and the graham cracker recipe is no exception. My tips for this recipe would be to roll it thin onto your baking stone, perforate the crackers and prick with the fork. Another option is to use a square cookie cutter, but who has time for that? (We even own a cookie cutter that has those cute scalloped edges so popular amongst butter cookies and such. Wouldn't that be so very Martha of me?) ha!

After they are baked and cooled, we keep them in the freezer so that they don't spoil. Sometimes we even eat them frozen.

And part three of a s'more: the chocolate bar. You just can't beat a Hershey bar in life or in a s'more, but when you are GFCF you must substitute that.

I happened to have some extra chocolate frosting left over and sitting in a container in my fridge since my daughter licked the frosting off half my name day cake and I had to re-frost it (and make more frosting to do so) before my friend came over for tea.

This is the chocolate element in the gfcf s'mores and they are wonderful. Taste just like the real deal...only I think I like the texture even better.


elizabeth said...

that's really great! love the picture! I've been thinking of you today! Glad to 'hear' from you :)

(can't believe the word verification: firebut ). crazy!

cranberrygrower said...

Hi, I am new to the gfcf. My daughter is going to a class outing where they are going to make smores.... I was trying to figure out an alternative. I saw your chocolate frosting recipe...but wasn't butter on the caesin don't list and shortening?

Alana said...

Hi Cranberrygrower,

I made the gfcf frosting using a safe margarine. Smart Balance Light is completely safe to use (vegan) as would be a fat such as coconut oil (if kept cool-ish it's also solid at room temperature) or vegetable shortening (not the butter flavored kind).

Alana said...

Oh, and the words "chocolate frosting" in the post is a link that takes you to the recipe.