GFCF Chicken Kiev

Tonight after vespers is our house blessing.

Chicken Kiev is my go-to recipe for when the priest and his wife come over for dinner. So this year I made a gluten free/casein free version of Chicken kiev, and judging by the smells emanating from my kitchen, it will turn out just fine.

I take thawed chicken breasts and pound them with a mallet. This makes me think that flesh was not meant to be pounded or beaten. (God have mercy on all those who suffer by beatings.) The chicken just gets really flat and breaks apart so easily. One must be careful to only pound just enough.

I make a mixture of minced garlic, minced parsley and minced green onions.

Onto each breast goes salt, pepper, a spoonful of the minced stuff, and a large dab of GFCF margarine. (Smart Balance lite is completely dairy free, which most margarines aren't.)

Then I roll the breast, and wish fervently I'd remembered to buy toothpicks. In lieu of toothpicks I do some deft holding together of the roll while I dip it in an egg/water mixture and then dredge it in a rice flour/GF breadcrumb mixture.

Instead of frying and then baking them, I just put oil in the baking dish and plunk them in, and generously spray the tops with cooking spray and bake them that way. 400 F, 30 minutes or so.

I'm serving this with lemon jasmine rice and garlic Kale, grapes and brownies.

Theoretically, unless I make an announcement, no one will know that any of this food is gluten free, except what is normally gluten free like the rice, grapes, and kale.


Tabitha said…
Yum! Hope your houseblessing and dinner with the priest and khouria (sp?) were lovely.

Our houseblessing isn't for another week and a half but I have been doing daily installments on the backlog of housework. My energy is back and my dh should be getting off the crutches on Monday (yay!). So hopefully we'll be ready on time. Besides this is only the first step in rearranging for the new baby. I still haven't figured out what that's going to look like.

BTW any advice on how best to make those GFCF breadcrumbs? Do you just use whatever leftover bread or do you prefer a specific recipe? Do you dry it out first or use soft crumbs? I really should make something up to keep in the freezer. I'm tired of passing up recipes because I don't happen to have bread on hand.
Alisa said…
I have never had chicken kiev, but it sounds quite simple and really tasty!

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