Monday, January 19, 2009

Four weeks...(A View from Above)

I can feel depression settling around me like a fog drifting in when the weather is right. Cold, dank, and can't-see-my-way-out.

It got me wondering, when's the last time I blogged about depression? I know I was so sure, there for a few days, that I'd need to get some meds. And then it lifted, and I've been fine.

So, when's the last time I blogged about being so depressed?

Four weeks ago, that's when.

Perhaps that also explains how I was able to take a three hour long nap yesterday afternoon, and still go to bed before midnight.

OK, so it's only temporary. Temporary I can deal with. Like a rollercoaster ride. Not much fun, but I can hang on for the ride.



Prisca said...

hang in there--spring is coming! (right?)

Kelleylynn said...

I think that we may be on the same least I have company, so who could be depressed about that!?

However, this time of year (not making light here) I tend to become more melancoly.

Do you get out for walks -- I mean heart-pumping exercise? It was suggested to me by my father confessor and I must say...I do notice the difference. Gets the endorphines running which boosts your serintonin levles in the brain...etc.etc.etc.

Hang in there...