Monday, January 05, 2009

Cozy, Cozy Socks!

Well, I finished my first pair of socks yesterday. I'm so happy with how they turned out.

These socks are 100% wool and inspired by the Warm Woolies project. I plan on making several more pairs, and then sending off a package.

You know, about "crafty almsgiving"'s a great thing to do. How many knitted things or sewn things does one family need? But a fast knitter can surely turn out lots more. And quite frankly, for many of us, a ball of wool is very affordable (five bucks?).

But the key is follow through. I still have my almost completed stack of "goods for girls" sitting in my closet waiting for some snaps. The good news on that front is: They are still there and the snaps are finally purchased. Perhaps some snap pounding will happen today...or not. Crazy busy days have been plaguing me lately.

I do struggle with the following: Having a brilliant idea for a way to give to those in need, and then failing to actually DO it. As many times as Wes and I have talked about it, we have YET to send a check to Heifer International, for instance.

So please don't get the impression that just because I blog about an idea for alms-giving that I'm right there doing what I ought. Follow through is difficult and I'm stating this publicly to keep myself honest. Besides, the only reason I'm blogging about it, is because I have NOT done it. If I had, I'd most likely have to choose to be silent on the subject.

Pray for this sinner.


Mimi said...

Beautiful socks, and I hear you on the good intentions part, they'll get done, I know.

Has said...

It's that evil thing, procrastination. I do it a lot and it nibbles away at your life, destroying potential good deeds and achievements. I understand completely! But I think readers still appreciate your ideas on how to give alms in various creative ways. And we appreciate your honesty. As usual.