I slept in too late to go to Divine Liturgy.
I had breakfast with coffee, bread and chinese food, instead.
When I walked over to my friend's house to pick up a pot I'd loaned her and to return a bowl she'd left at my house (it had Koliva in it that we ate up), I ended up chatting for a long time and eating my first ever bowl of Borsht (beet soup). It was good, which is saying something considering I heretofore have not liked beets very much.

Then it was home to cook lunch, sort some laundry (we call it wolf-packing the laundry because we pile it all on the bed and everyone grabs a basket and we sort it out and each of us folds or hangs up our own stuff).

Then I took the kids to the library, where I was hoping to settle in with a good book. Instead I spent the whole time helping kids find things to read.

Home again, and time to do some cooking: A big pot of chili with black beans and sweet potato, and some gluten free graham crackers. Those are very nice, and appreciated by all.

I'm very proud of my son. He's busy learning to try out gluten free foods and today he ate potatoes, a slice of tangerine (which he did not like), the gfcf grahams and corn grits as a successful alternative to cream of wheat for breakfast. He still is drinking milk and supplement powder (instant breakfast mix), so at some point we'll just have to go cold turkey on that.

I wonder if there is a GFCF instant breakfast mix that can be mixed with something like Almond milk?


elizabeth said…
I love Borsht! Yay for slavic food! Sounds like a pretty good day over all and good job to your son! He is being very proactive here!
Mimi said…
I'm with Elizabeth, I could eat Slavic (or Greek) every day.

And, Happy, Happy Namesday! Many Years!
Marsha said…
I'd love to taste Borscht, I wonder if anyone in our parish makes it.

Could I have the recipe for the chili? I love sweet potatoes!

And Happy Nameday, Many Years to you!

Oh on the last question: not that I know of. They do have rice protein powder so you could possibly make something yourself? Personally I love Silk Vanilla for kids, it's so thick and creamy and like drinking icecream.

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