If a Doctor says it, it must be true!

Well, I took E to a pediatrician today. He's been losing weight and not eating. Pediatrician said yes, he's definitely got Asperger's but he can't give that as an official diagnosis. For that we need to go to a psychiatrist. He recommended a few options.

And he told E that he needs the Gluten Free Casein Free diet. B is already doing it, so I decided to switch all our foods over to GFCF at home after the holidays are over. We can live with GFCF. Seriously.

Milk will be the most difficult for E to give up, but at lunch and dinner today he voluntarily stayed away from the gluten. That about knocked me over.

We are on the right track, and it's going to be interesting how it will all pan out.

Jesus says: "Do not worry." So, worry I shall not!


Veiled Glory said…
The boundaries of GFCF might appeal to him. Order and control. Big dealios for Aspies, as you well know.

I'm proud of you for taking the next steps with E.
elizabeth said…
Lord have mercy.

I will be away from the blog-land soon, so I am wishing you a Blessed Nativity.

You and your family are loved by God, the saints and many of us on this earth.

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