How to have an Invisibility Cloak

1. Be a new person in a large group of people who don't know you.

2. Make sure those people know each other.

3. Act sort of like you might be on the autistic spectrum or sit near someone who does.

4. Wear a head scarf that covers your whole head and neck in a room full of protestants.

5. Enjoy not having to talk to anyone!

(We went to Bethany's band recital this evening. I'm glad she's in home school band. Really, I am.)


mamajuliana said…
Hopefully someone said hello. Is this a new homeschool group in your new city?

I sort of know the feeling. Throughout our homeschool 'career' we were the only Catholic/Orthodox family in a homeschool group of "Bible Belt" protestants. We stuck out and were invisible at the same time! I don't think they could ever really figure us out...Too band there were no other active homeschool groups at the time. We tolerated each other, but it would have been nice to have more companionship.

...PS Your not invisible here Alana :o) !
Jennifer said…
Wow. I'm speechless. Are you okay?
Anonymous said…
Home School Band?
Alana said…
Oh yea, I'm OK, thanks for asking.

One person spoke to me, asked me if I made my skirt (it's made from two pairs of blue jeans) and sort of walked away half way through my answer. I guess I was giving her too much of an answer to her question. But walking away...that is just weird.

Home School band works like this: Homeschoolers get together with someone who knows how to direct a band and they do band. It was two clarinets, a flute and a saxophone, and the instructor played trombone or trumpet. There's usually another clarinet and a trumpet but they weren't at the recital.
elizabeth said…
my goodness! i know how this feels.

what a weird thing happening, the person walking away like that.

as always, remember that you are loved.
Veiled Glory said…
LOL. I know exactly how you feel...every Sunday. Sure, they shake my hand and smile...but I think they wipe it as they turn around to the normal people behind them. ;-)
Has said…
As an extrovert who (until recently) constantly said dumb things, spoke without thinking, sought attention, etc. I can say that this invisibility cloak is a blessing. It saves extroverts from their own vanity and stupidity. I guess you have not had this problem. I guess it will take time for you.
Jennifer said…
I've had that happen to me before, someone walking away before I've finished answering their question. Weird.

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