-Stockings hung on the fireplace mantel,
-A Christmas tree with white lights,
-Early morning liturgy in the dark
-Candle light and incense
-Homespun choir with ancient melodies
-Catfish-n-onions, unexpected pastries,
-Phone calls from new friends and old
-Surprise visits
-Yarn that looks like pop-tart frosting with sprinkles when it's knitted
-Learning names and being welcomed
-A grumpy old priest with twinkly eyes and a smile (not so grumpy after all),
-"St. Nicholas" showing up looking remarkably like an ordinary bishop
on an ordinary day.
-Baking cookies on St. Herman's feast day (because he baked cookies, too, for his orphans.)
-Simple meals
-Baking bread
-Shopping trips
-Kozy knitting project
-Hiding out in the bedroom wrapping gifts
-Helping kids make homemade gifts for their siblings
-Shorter days and longer nights
-Beginning of winter and hope for sping
-Preparing for the Nativity
-Midnight Liturgy: Christ's Mass


Anonymous said…
It's all so beautiful. Glory be to God!
::Sylvia:: said…
What grand things to be thankful for! I hope you're having a blessed Nativity Fast thus far!

BTW, what are you knitting these days? :)
Mimi said…
Sounds good! I agree with Sylvia, are you going to share photos?
Mimi said…
(BTW, my word verification was cediness. Since my son's nickname is Ced, that seems particuarly appropriate)
Has said…
Wonderful! What else do you do for St Herman's feast day? For old calendar (Russian Orthodox, where I am) it might be a good non-secular alternative to Christmas on Dec 25th.
elizabeth said…
those are wonderful things! thank God! I am happy to read such a good list!
Kelleylynn said…
Thanks for stopping by my little blog.
I am intrigued by yours and your husband's...when time allows, I'll catch up ;)
I have a silly question: all these blogs I visit are all decked out in Christmas cheer -- How do I do the same :)?? It is so wonderful viewing everyone's varitions of this blessed time of year.

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