Could I please have a break??????--Updated

So, someone rings the doorbell at aproximately 4:30 this morning. WT?. Fifteen minutes later the doorbell rings again and I wake up enough to wonder if someone is really ringing the doorbell. I get up, but by the time I get my robe on, etc. and go to the door, no one is there. Must have imagined it, because who would be out pranking at 4:30 am on a very very rainy Christmas Eve, right?

Well, a bit later: Doorbell again. This time I send Wes.

It's our neighbor from upstairs.

He has a hole in his roof. It collapsed. (I'm thinking.....WHAAAAT????) Yup. Apparently, here in late December, Apartment management thought it would be a great time to schedule a roof replacement. Perhaps they had no choice as it was a big necessity. This I can understand and appreciate.

So I did hear the hammering and what not going on yesterday, come to think of it.

Well, long story short, where the roof was off has collapsed. I can only feel very very sorry for our upstairs neighbors. We only have water leaking in around our dining room light fixture and in various places in the kitchen. It is nasty, brown, smelly and makes me gag.

He has this very very relentless and heavy rain coming straight in to his apartment from the sky. I cannot imagine.

Needless to say we've ALL called the maintenance emergency hotline. No one has showed up yet, but perhaps sunrise will shed some new light onto the situation. (Har har.)

Instead of going to liturgy as a family, we are going to have to take turns. Bummer.

And I don't know if I'll be able to bake the bread I wanted to bake today, or put out the lovely Christmas spread I'd planned to have laid out for when we come home from Liturgy. I'll be really sad if one of us (me) has to miss the midnight liturgy to babysit a leaking ceiling.

We asked our neighbors if there was anything to do to help them, food, shopvac, etc. and they couldn't think of anything right now.

God have mercy.


As soon as it was light the place was crawling with people fixing the roof, finishing up our unfixed bathroom (remember the water lead/hot water problem?) and shoveling away dirt so that a major potential flood at our sliding door could be diverted. The people who work here really are great.


Mimi said…

Merry Christmas to you and yours, my friend.

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