Where's the Turkey?

I have too much to do today. It's the day before Thanksgiving, and I have some cleaning to do for the relatives who are coming tomorrow, as well as some advance cooking to get done:

Cornbread, for the stuffing, and a gluten free/casein free pumpkin pie. And a pretzel pie*. Perhaps a GF/CF apple pie as well.

Oh, and I should make some cranberry relish. Must troll the web for a recipe. The kind with orange juice concentrate, which I have plenty of.

So, all that in addition to guiding the kids with the rest of their school work, and doing the vacuuming, dusting and bathrooms. Perhaps I should ask for the kids to help me, hmmmmm?


So I woke up this morning with a sore throat and all over body aches. Glory to God for ALL things, even this, then.

Menu for our feast:

Crab meat-cornbread stuffing (GFCF)

gravy from a jar (NOT GFCF)

GFCF mushroom gravy

mashed potatoes (GFCF)

Cranberry relish (GFCF)

Green beans with garlic and mushrooms (GFCF)

Butternut Squash bake with cinnamon and brown sugar(GFCF)

The above mentioned pies

Perhaps some gluten free dinner rolls, as well.

What? No Turkey? On Turkey-Day???? Well, actually it's not "turkey day", it's Thanksgiving. We can certainly be thankful without Turkey, especially since most of my kids don't even LIKE Turkey and we always have too many leftovers.

And here's a hymn to sing while doing my work:

We give You thanks, Christ God, for Your earthly gifts.
Do not deprive us of Your heavenly kingdom.
But as You came among your disciples, O Savior, giving them Your peace
Come also among us and save us!

*Pretzel Pie is just like Pecan Pie (my erstwhile pre nut allergy favorite) only with mini-pretzels instead of the pecans. It works remarkably well and has a nice blend of salty crunch with the sweetness. I'm doing the "Derby Pie" version and adding in chocolate chips.


elizabeth said…
Sounds wonderful! Sounds like you need some helping kid hands for sure! I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving! and a prayer today for you as you go about trying to accomplish what you have set out to do...
Mimi said…
Oh my goodness, what a wonderful sounding feast. Pretzel pie, who would have thought?

My prayers for a blessed feast!

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