What Makes me Happy

Inspired by Anna's list over at Veiled Glory , I decided to make my own "what makes me happy" list:

-A home with a maintenance man on call.

-ceilings that don't crumble and roofs that don't leak and walls without cracks in them.

-tile bathrooms

-tea pots with roses on them

-tea pots without roses on them

-lace curtains

-singing along out loud to the Christmas music at the store

-my kids singing along out loud to the Abba song that was being piped into the store at Kroger yesterday

-my new bedroom that does NOT also double as the computer room (in other words, it's PRIVATE!)


-popping over to vespers which is less than five minutes away

-hearing new music to old familiar hymns and liking it

-incense and candle light

-canted prayers

-icons of beloved saints popping out at you from unexpected corners of an unfamiliar nave

-old friends

-phone calls

-Wes coming home for dinner!!!!


elizabeth said…
those are wonderful things! i am looking forward to a better apartment soon myself!
Veiled Glory said…
Thanks for making a list! It made me happy, too. :)
Kmommy said…
This is a great list! I love that the kids sing along to ABBA!!
Anonymous said…
Really super! I'm so glad that things are calming down. I was thinking about you all earlier this week and wondering how nice it must have felt to *not drive* for an hour to church and for the DH to get home at a decent time. Congratulations on *everything*.

Btw, my word verification is "blentil." Are you planning soup for tomorrow or something? ;-)
Mimi said…
What a wonderful list! I especially like #1 and the teapots.
Joi said…
I love your list!!! I can so see you singing Christmas Carols in the store :) I bet Wes coming home for dinner makes you the happiest.

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