What Are the Chances?

We are finally coming up on the end our our first quarter in homeschooling this year. It has taken lots of time because of our big break to move. That's OK. I have until the end of August to get three more quarters done, and I know we can do it.

What this means for me, is that next week, in addition to getting ready for Thanksgiving, I'm going to help each kid tie up any loose ends on the school work front, and do some grading and organizing and make sure we have everything ready to send in to Seton. Then it will be the dread trip to the post office. Grading papers and doing all the "organizy" stuff are my least favorite aspects of home schooling. Morning prayers and slow mornings with a cuppa and a good book are the more beloved aspects of it.

But the paperwork has to be done.

People were busy taking tests etc. today, when B walked into the bathroom and discovered it was filled two inches deep in water. I knew maintenance was busy jackhammering next door to fix a plumbing leak that was in the slab. Oh joy. The water got into our place.

So I went over to the main office to let them know (for some reason I decided not to pick up the phone) and went home to shopvac the water. Maintenance came by and turned off the electricity to the bathroom outlets, and looked around to find where the water was coming from. Some water was leaking into the kitchen floor as well, so they moved the stove out from the wall and unscrewed a panel between the kitchen and bathroom walls. All was dry.

Going back into the bathroom, the maintenace guy found the problem: Our washing machine drain hose had come out of it's slot, and the water on the floor was from our laundry. Sigh.

More shop vac activity.

What are the chances that a flood would happen on the very day that maintenance is doing major surgery on the hot water lines in our building, but that it would be MY fault?????

Pretty good if you are me, I guess.


Has said…
Well, as with many things, at the very least it makes a great story!
Tabitha said…
Oh, I feel your pain! That's a lot of water. At least they didn't wind up having to jack-hammer your floor. When my drain came loose I had been washing a load of puked on clothes. (Everyone except me had a stomach bug.) So then I had a load of puked on clothes, a soaked hall carpet, and a bathtub full of every towel I own soaked to the gills with the nasty water! What a clean-up. I so wanted to abandon my sick family and go back to the church camp-out! Do you remember that one? I still think it was nothing short of a miracle that I never got the bug!

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