A Tip

One of my blog readers tipped me off to the No-S diet, which is entirely interesting, and very compatible with any and all Orthodox feasting and fasting guidelines. In fact, the principles are remarkably similar to things I've read that various Father of the Church have to say about gluttony and the like.

check it out at everydaysystems.com

Basically it is this: No snacking, no sweets, so seconds. Except for days that begin in S, which means Saturday, Sunday and Special occasions (Feast days in other words.)

Can I build these habits? We shall see. My hypoglycemic self may need a snack in the afternoon, but if it is a planned mini-meal, this would be a meal not a snack and would be a far cry better than what I've been doing lately, that's for sure!


Muhala Akamau said…
Okay...this sounds GOOD! I'm off to check it out.
Veiled Glory said…
Oh yeah, I need this! Been trying the low-carb hypoglycemic thing again...and the meat, meat, meat is getting iccky.
Veiled Glory said…
And I should add, this site is extremely ASPIE-FRIENDLY!

Thank you!
Monica said…
Sounds smart!

Alana, I have to tell you this... I've been holding it in for a while.

Although I like your new header and especially LOVE your new photo, I can't read the text underneath. I humbly suggest you consider a new color.

Now, file that under the single-gal joke about how "a good friend will take you to the drugstore to by a birth control test, but a best friend will stand outside the bathroom door screaming *name her after me!* while you take the test" sort of way. But in a "blog" friend way. Oh, where was I trying to go with this.... (smile)

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