Something for the Holidays

Please consider making a donation to Heifer International. This is an awesome organization. Rather than feed a family for one meal, this is a way to make a long term difference in the life of a family. It's amazing that what is a drop in the bucket for us Americans (even those of us who live on the bleeding edge of "tight") can be a life changing difference for someone in a developing country.


John Nicholas said…
We got a "catalog" from these folks and found their presentation fascinating and inspiring. I wonder how many of the animals end up in the family stewpot or are food-napped by the some taliban scum or somesuch.
Alana said…
My my my! Aren't you the pessimist! (Or is that realist?)....

but at least we should TRY.
Liz in Seattle said…
And if you didn't have enough food for your kids, and if you were given an animal which produced a gallon or two a day of milk, enough for a glass or two a day for a family of eight, plus enough left over to pay school fees, would you slaughter it for a one time feast? I'll ask around, but I can't think of any sane parent that would.

Ummm, the Taliban would NEVER EVER let a Christian-based organization in the country (or into the pockets that they may control). Yes, it's subtle, but Heifer is indeed Christian.

And the modus operandi of Heifer takes into account the current political and environmental situation when choosing areas and types of projects to develop.

Yes, our family has been donating to Heifer for several years. Our boys always look forward to receiving their "animals", and the gift cards are always the first thing opened.

Please, JN, do a little research and have a bit of faith in others before sharing your cynicism.

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