Out Walking

B and I had fun exploring in the new neighborhood on foot this afternoon. The fall colors are so pretty and the leaves in some of the yards and on the sidewalks by them are so delightfully crunchy that I must command for all my blog readers who live in this hemisphere, and in places with autumn leaves: Go ye therefore and crunch in them, at least once before they are gone for the year!

We walked clear to St. Michael's and back, through the neighborhood, not on the busy main roads, because those are just too trafficky. It was a nice long walk. Theoretically only about two miles, but I wonder if it wasn't actually pushing three. Some of the neighborhood streets wound around a bit. The walk made me tired, perhaps because I ate too much sugar today, or perhaps because it's been a long day and I got to bed late last night.

I like walking in the fall; leaves, crisp cool air, all that. It's definitely my favorite season for walking. Spring is nice, too, especially when it's warm and breezy and I can finally wear a skirt and sandals again. Winter is delightful when it's snowing. Falling snow is magical, assuming I have on enough in the way of clothing. Summer is not a good time to walk. I do it, but I don't like it.

What's your favorite time of year to walk?


I loved it. Loved it so much I placed it on our parish blog with credit to you. I wish there were more like you near here to join us. From reading your post I will leave the coffee on not only for morning prayers, but also evening prayers. You are in our prayers. By the way, I left a note for you in my posting to our blog http://stmaryprotectress.blogspot.com/
elizabeth said…
i love fall weather too! take good care!

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