O Tannenbaum...

We put up our Christmas tree a bit on the early side this year. The kids were thrilled to spend an hour or so this afternoon doing that.

And we actually have a mantel and fireplace, so we got some stocking hangers and finally, at long last the heirloom stockings look like they have a home.

I'll post some pictures as soon as I can find where my oh so organized self decided the place for our camera would be. Yes, indeed, yours truly lost her camera in her own home.

We've been using the same ornaments for almost as long as we've been married, (every once in a while we'll replace the ball ornaments when they get too skeetchy looking), but the white lights we got this year (our colored ones were worn out and did not light up when we tested them) give the whole thing a more sophisticated look).

But as much fun as it is to watch the kids decorate the tree, it's more important to pray for the whole world, give alms and be kind to one another: kindred, friends and strangers alike.



Marfa said…
That makes me smile...we haven't set up the tree yet, but just began the Nativity Fast a few days ago, and will celebrate on Jan. 7th. It's always so much fun and exciting. I wish there was an alternative to electric lights, seems every year we need to get a new set!
Muhala Akamau said…
Oh, goodness...you ARE on top of the Christmas tree thing! I told hubby we need to get ours up too, but we are still recovering from Thanksgiving! The holidays are indeed a lovely thing!

elizabeth said…
nice! Having just moved, I know just how one can lose things in one's own home! Hope you find your camera soon! Your Christmas tree sounds lovely!
Veiled Glory said…
Makes me think we should get the Nativity set out again. It was put away only three months ago..blush. ;-) What can I say...its a gorgeous set.
Mimi said…
Sounds fantastic!

We haven't put our tree up yet, we like to get past Dh's December 13th birthday.
Jennifer said…
First time visitor to your blog, and I'm enjoying myself.

We were going to put up our tree day after Thanksgiving (it's a tradition from childhood), but with all of us sick with some bug, it still hasn't happened yet. I hope this week, perhaps over the weekend during St. Nicholas.
Tabitha said…
We always try to put up our tree on St. Nicholas day. It makes the feast more special for the kids and my husband likes to have the decorating done for his Dec. 9th birthday. We usually leave the tree up until Theophany but last year I didn't get around to taking it down until Candlemas aka the Feast of the Encounter (or Presentation)!

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