Happy Homemaker

I must say, I am enjoying being a "homemaker" now that I'm in a home that I enjoy living in. It's so much easier to keep clean now that we have a place for everything and everything in its place.

A quick tidy-up, and running the vacuum throughout the apartment does wonders to perk things up around here, and I MUST say I'm so very very grateful for my much larger kitchen and much larger refrigerator...well, much larger dwelling place in general....several hundred feet larger and we can all tell.

I'm just grateful.

It will also be fun to build a fire in the fire place come the holidays.

So what "homemakerish" things did I do this week? Well, aside from keeping things nice and tidy I graded papers for my home school and I make a batch of homemade bread which got rave reviews, even from my pickiest eater. And lots of soup. It's a good time of year for soup and bread.

Today I made tomato soup.

The one bugaboo about this place was that for the past two weeks there's been no hot water. At first the apartment managers thought it was due to a faulty hot water heater, but after replacing that, they learned it was due to a slab leak.

Since our bathroom floors were nice a toasty, the theory is that the leak was under there, and I fully expected to come home this evening and find a hole ripped in the bathroom.

Instead, I came home to a perfectly intact bathroom and HOT water. The leak must have been under our neighbor's slab, instead.

I'm glad, because I really like the charming tile on our bathroom floor. And now I like hot water, too.

I'm grateful, that's all.


elizabeth said…
that is wonderful!!!

i move next week... am also hoping that i will notice the size difference... i have lots of books and dishes...
Laura said…
I'm glad things are working out so well!
maria said…
This is so great, I'm so happy for you. We noticed a huge difference when we moved last year, just having a bit more space for things to go. Although, our new kitchen was actually smaller, which turned out to be a good thing, as I had to cull all the miscellany and just keep what we need. Good discipline!

I, too, heart homemaking.

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