Glory to God for All Things...even the good ones!

It's so often that I write about my stresses and uncertainties and my sadness. Today I would like to say that God answered many many prayers.

Our thermostat was not working right, and I called the front office for a maintenance guy to come out. The lady at the desk said he'd come out this morning. Then I proceeded to start making calls to try and find a medical person to see my daughter. I've been praying for this need a great deal, as she really needs her meds adjusted. Unfortunately, with her type of illness, it's hunt and peck until we find one that works. So far we have not found a perfect medication.

So I called and bing! got an appointment for THIS MORNING, 11 am. Perfect timing. Hope she meets our needs. I'm glad B gets to see a woman, perhaps it will be easier for her to communicate with a woman.

The only thing that makes me nervous is the fact that the maintenance man was supposed to come and I started praying about that detail.

Well, the maintenance man came and left just as we were needing to walk out the door, and then we met the new health care person, who just so happens to work with the doctor B was seeing in Lexington two days a week and could pull up all his notes on her computer. Continuity of care!

And she was wonderful. And good at communicating clearly and compassionately and took the time to talk to B and make sure she understood her. Took the time to listen and start building trust. As we were leaving, B said "She was wonderful!"

Many many answered prayers today. Glory to God!

And now, I start praying that the new meds help B more than the old ones did. Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy!


Michelle M. said…
Yeah! What an answer to prayer! Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Dollymama said…
I'm so glad things are working out in your new home!
elizabeth said…
so glad to hear
maria said…
I am so, so happy for you, Alana, and please give Bethany a hug for me. And hugs to you too!

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