Members of the Diocese of the South of the OCA have been so excited that Archimandrite Jonah Paffhausen was to be elevated to become the auxillary bishop in our diocese, to assist Vladyka Dmitri. About eleven days ago he was consecrated Bishop.

Yesterday, at the All American Council, he became the new Metropolitan! My first thought was: "But what about the Diocese of the South?" But what's good for us (I suppose I need to stop saying "us" since we've moved and are now with the Antiochians...) can be good for the whole OCA. Here is a humble man who just a few weeks ago was an archimandrite (head of a monastery), and now he is to serve the whole OCA.

The full story is at the OCA website, of course, and Ancient Faith Radio has some excellent podcasts. I particularly liked listening to the talk he gave a couple of days ago before his elevation. He seems humble and I don't know that he was necessarily expecting this. But I don't know anything. I'm just watching from afar.

It seems to me that His Beatitude looks shocked, though.

Let us all faithfully keep this man in our prayers.


cobweb said…
I am so excited. I listened to the podcast of him speaking about his vision for the future (linked on my blog) and I actually teared up. He has some wonderful ideas for the OCA.
Veiled Glory said…
The Crunchy Con blog has some insider insight on his elevation.
Liz in Seattle said…
Eis polla eti, Despota!

Metropolitan Jonah (I love saying that!) is a dear friend of our parish, being a seminary buddy of our priest, Fr. James Bernstein. Consequently, he's been up here a lot, giving talks, or just showing up as he travels. Believe me, what you hear in these speeches is genuine.

To this day, my favorite quote of his is from a retreat several years ago, when one of my friends asked him if he had any words for mothers. His response was that being the mother of young children is one of the most ascetic disciplines there is. All of us mothers grinned and got teary...somebody got it, and that somebody was a monk.

Axios, Axios, Axios!
Mimi said…
Axios! I've met him a couple of times, he's a very good friend of my prist (and yikes, only 11 years older than me)

Many Years!
Emmelia said…
Archbishop Dmitri's response is reported to be "pleasantly annoyed" ;-) Which I think accurately represents how most of the DOS feels about this.
Mimi said…
BTW, prist = priest. Blush.

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