Friday, October 24, 2008

What I'm doing now

Egads. A week from tomorrow we move!

The house is full of boxes and chaos, although I'm trying hard to keep things sane. It's not easy to do. The packing is slowed down to a crawl as we approach the last minute flurry of boxing things that we will need up until Thursday or so. Next week I go hard core on the kid's rooms, etc.

I had the yen for a thrift store run (this yen always strikes me when I'm in a particular lowish-mood, since I find rifling through racks of mostly ugly clothes rather soothing) yesterday, and I scored two identical pairs of GAP bluejeans (low rise, flair leg) that fit me perfectly. yay. Now I shall get rid of the ugly pinchy ones cluttering up my closet. Also found some black shirts which I needed for my fall/winter wardrobe. Woo hoo.

I learned from this experience that Wes does NOT like to wear sweaters with a big stripe across the chest. Oh well, it only cost $2.50 and maybe I can return it. Funny how you can live with a person for sixteen and a half years, and then suddenly learn something new about them.

I've got some shopping to do (sort of fun and sort of not fun if I factor in the fatigue that inevitably follows), a prescription to fill, and some food to cook, which activity generates dirty dishes, which I also hate.

So, that's what I'm doing. Nothing much philosophical coming from me today. For some reason I can't get myself off this chair to actually do much, though.


Mimi said...

Awesome shopping, good job!

My Dh also does not wear sweaters. Ever. Sadly, for me, I like men's sweaters. On men, and on me :)

elizabeth said...

moving is hard and chaotic - i am beginning to pack myself! may God sustain you...