Soy Yogurt How To

Scald a quart of soy milk in a clean pan. Boil little glass cups from yogurt maker.

Stir in 1/8 tsp of yogurt starter (or a tablespoon or so of soy yogurt), once it has cooled to tepid. Don't do what I did one time, and stick your finger in there to check it, though, or you will deposit all kinds of bacteria into the milk which will then multiply in the yogurt maker, yielding a very stinky mess instead of yogurt. I test the milk by getting some with a clean spoon and sticking my finger in that, and then throwing what's in the spoon, and the spoon itself into the sink.

Pour into glass containers and place in yogurt maker. Plug in, turn on and forget about it for eight hours.

Try not to wonder whether the fly that ever-so-briefly landed on one of the cups before you got the lid on will have deposited wondrous amounts of bacteria which will incubate as well. You will find out soon enough.


Mimi said…
Awesome, thank you! Ask and ye shall receive!
H and S said…
I love the fly comment. Are they really that filthy? In Australia we have major fly problems (hence the hat with corks dangling from it) and as a coping mechanism, I've come to accept flies as being "not that bad"...
Alana said…
You know, the fly did NOT ruin the yogurt at all. On the other hand, the time I stuck my finger in the milk to test it was NASTY.

So, flies officially no longer bother me, because apparently my finger is dirtier than a fly's.

Handwashing is important.

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