Thursday, October 02, 2008

Snaps of my Day

Finally I have the fabric purchased for my Goods 4 Girls donation project!

Here is a very cute and colorful basket of knitted bears that my daughter has made. That's a bushel sized laundry basket full, and they keep coming!

Alas! I made way too much hazelnut iced coffee. Too bad you weren't here to drink some with me.


H and S said...

Those bears are super cute and very clever! Are they for a cause? They remind of the "trauma bears" that my husband (a paramedic) has in the ambulance truck for children who are hurt, sick or traumatised.

Pink text is much better than the yellow. Black might be even better, but it's not all about me!

Michelle M. said...

What is she going to do with all of the bears?

Philippa said...

Love the blog template!

Love the knitted bears! They are awesome!

Can you freeze the coffee and make popscicles out of it?

Mimi said...

Absolutely adorable.

And, I'm sad too, I'd love to have some iced coffee with you!

Your new template looks fantastic.

Veiled Glory said...

Cute blog redecorating. :) Getting all focused and such...I'm so proud of you.

H and S said...

The brown on brown is even better on the eyes!