I think it happens in stages. Perceptions get distorted and for a while, before you are very far down the slope, you still know that the distortions are distortions. That the voices aren't real, but you hear them anyways, and at first the voice is your own voice and you don't know if it's your own thoughts or what. (And the irony is, that it ALL is...). That for instance your hand doesn't really have a face on it, but it seems like it, anyways. Or that the sofa or church pew is not actually projecting your thoughts at you, but it seems like it, anyways.

And its a twilight zone of trying to cope, while you are still on your way down that slope into being totally out of touch with reality.

And everyone around you is normal, and you are huddling under a table...literally.

Of course, I don't know for sure.

I'm just the mom.

Please pray for us. We are moving this week and my daughter is NOT doing well. Do we run to the doc here, or do we expedite getting her seen by someone ASAP in our new town???? Both?

O Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on her. And on us. I pray that she NOT need to be hospitalized. Amen.

And now I take a deep breath and remind myself that worry is NOT a superpower.


emily said…
Lord, have mercy...

Michelle M. said…
I'll be saying some extra prayers for B. today! We just prayed for all of your about 30 mintues ago. I hope that everything with the move with go smoothly so that you can focus some attention on her right now. I really wish I could help out somehow, but both of my kids have Hand, Mouth, Foot Disease (the virus) and then Nathaniel will be with Fr. Justin in TX this weekend. Please let me know if there is anything I can go from long-distance. You are in our prayers!!
elizabeth said…
Lord have mercy. will pray.
Elizabeth said…
You all have my prayers at this difficult time.

I would tend to err on the side of early intervention, given you are moving as well - a very stressful situation for your DD even without the illness she has.
May the Lord protect and guide you all !
Philippa said…
Alana, while growing up my aunt lived with us and she suffered with the same thing your dearest daughter is suffering with...thus I know what is going on, the worry, the EVERYTHING.

I've no words of comfort except to say, hang in there, keep praying, and keep walking.

With much love and prayers!
Marsha said…
Oh Lord have mercy on her! And all of you. (((hugs)))
Mimi said…
Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy. Prayers, intensive prayers.
Amanda said…
My prayers are with you and your family.
Tabitha said…
No expert here, but I would think it would be easier to get an appointment in the new town quickly if your current doctor here is aware of her situation and handles the referral. Just my two cents.
Ruth said…
Anna-Paraskeva said…
Go for it girl. In the midst of everything - and it always seems like it's these times when our kiddos have the hardest time - allow yourself to pursue getting her a new doc ASAP.
And, hey, I'm feeling your pain on THIS one today! After my THIRD call for med refills for my kids, I finally get someone who tells me, BTW, their doc has moved... and oh, we can't refill half the kids' meds because the new person won't refill those until she's seen the kids, but "sorry!" there isn't any room in her schedule.

I'm thinkin' it's not a bad idea to have two med docs on hand just for times like these ;) Tho' I thought I had that covered since they were all going to a CLINIC with multiple providers. Silly me, actually trying to be a step ahead.
So... know you're not alone in the funny business of psychs and kids and meds and all that fun, fun fun in the sun, sun, sun in the midst of 'life' (or something like it).
H and S said…
Jennifer F. said…
You'll be in my prayers.
james said…
Please update ... I hope she is doing better.

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