A Picture of my Day

outside my window ~ Sunshine, blue skies, changing trees except for the huge evergreen holly bush that dominates all, neighbor's lawnmower humming.

daily rhythm ~After lunch quiet. Kids doing school work and asking more questions than I'd like for them to. Blogging and giving a spelling test simultaneously. Feeling stressed and in pain.

I am thankful for ~ No errands to run today.

in the kitchen ~ soy yogurt in the yogurt maker, a few dirty dishes in the sink.

Everyone's been grabbing their own food today. Don't know what dinner will be.

I am wearing ~ clothes that don't match very well: A striped skirt, an orange t-shirt and a sage green t-shirt fabric long sleeved "jackety thing" , and a pink hat.
I hate my outfit. Would it be frivolous to change?

I am creating ~ A blog post, and some flannel pads.

Bringing beauty to my home ~ By plotting to pack a few more boxes later today.

I am reading ~ Nothing much, currently.

I am hoping ~ To move in a few weeks. Hoping to be able to afford a new couch cover, some cushions, and some new bathroom goodies like toothbrush holders and soap dispensers. Just hoping. I'm also hoping for some new bedding and sheets because ours are all worn out.

making plans ~ For the move, what to give away, what to take.

a picture thought ~ Some beach...somewhere....


Mimi said…
Fantastic snapshot. Soy yogurt, really? Homemade? Really? Tell me more.

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