A List of Happy Things

I've been so stressed out and in the doldrums lately, that this morning, I have determined to make a list of happy things.

Went to the monastery this weekend. IT was a wonderful whirlwind trip, and I promise I will write a post with some pictures on that topic soon. Later today, after I upload the pics.

We have a moving date: Nov. 1! I packed my first sixteen boxes yesterday. Glad I've been culling and decluttering as I go along. This is a good time to do even more of that. We filled our rosie (recycling bins are NAMED here in Lexington) with lots of papers this past weekend.

I find that I LIKE the physical aspects of moving, because it's a good chance to clean everything.

Got up early enough this morning to see the sky go from dark to pink out my window.

Coffee...drinking coffee...yum!

Our new dwelling place is going to be bigger than our current dwelling place. And newer. With more bathrooms. I consider that an upgrade.

A brother in Christ was very kind to me on Saturday, and I now believe that gentlemanly behavior still exists in some people. (My van was parked at the bottom of a huge hill and we were at the top jackets which were in the van, and a brother from my parish found out what my plans were and put a quick stop to them, and walked down and brought my van to the top of the hill for me. Very kind.)

The weather has been gorgeous "October in Kentucky" weather: Sunny and warm but not too hot, with a hint of coolness around the edges. The trees are turning and it's a wonderful time of year.

I made a wonderful little scale map of our new dwelling on graph paper, and cut outs of our furniture (also to scale), with tape loops on the back and I've been having fun arranging furniture and such.

My kids are sweet and wonderful. Pray for them. Moving is always hard, especially on kids. They are having lots of anxiety driven nightmares.

So, these are little things, but thinking of them makes me happy.

What are you happy about today?


Veiled Glory said…
8 days until I leave for a vacation! The brisk, yet sunny autumn weather. Warm knee high socks and bloomers. My husband's goofy morning puns.
Philippa said…
Your post has made me happy! Thanks for sharing!
Edana said…
I'm happy that my illness is finally starting to let go of me (I got another rx from my gp).
I'm happy that most of my homework is done.
I'm happy that my husband is so lovely and compassionate to me even though I've been sick and gross for four weeks.
I'm happy I have your blog to read!!
Anonymous said…
Did you go to the Orthodox Monestary that is in...indiana? I can't ever rememember where it is.
My friend Craig Augestine has a brother who is a monk in that monestary.
Alana said…
I visited Hermitage of the Holy Cross Orthodox Monastery in Wayne, West Virginia.
Mimi said…
Wonderful list! Awesome on the move date, and I'm so glad you got to go to the Monastary!
mamajuliana said…
My Happy List
-A Sunny and cool day here!
-Mailed the billed that I paid last evening! That is a GOOD thing!
-Son had a good day at school. He played his guitar for the first time for his 'peers' and he was SO nervous! It was one of those days that I wish I could have gone with him and given him a big hug...but them again he is 17! Letting go is hard sometimes...
Anonymous said…
Craig's brother is a monk at the place in WV. I think that's cool we have a random connection

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