I may not get to vote!

If we move on Nov. 1, it will most likely mess up our chance to vote, won't it? I dont' know. Seems like it would. I need to figure out who to call to get an answer to that question.

But that's OK. Lately I've been very flummoxed.

I"m against the war. No way no how no McCain/Palin (I keep typing Pain and have to go back and add the "L").

But then I'm totally creeped out by the following idea:

As in Oregon currently, where assisted suicide is legal...and where folks on the state medical plan don't get medical treatment paid for if they are given only 6 months to live, but only "comfort care" as the state run suicide plan is called...so soon in Washington State.

Once it's in Washington and Oregon, how about someone decides to make a push for this lovely culture of death idea to be nationalized?

...All at the same time that National Health Care goes into effect.

And suddenly we are living in the land of the free and the home of the "it's your patriotic duty to bump yourself off and if you don't we'll put all kinds of pressure on you anyways"... (from what I understand, this is happening in the Netherlands, and as they do, so we do a few years behind).

Survival of the fittest, and those on the margins of life are not worthy?

I don't know...I'm just imagining the worst.

And it gives me chills.

So even though this very pro-life and cautiously democrat (there, I said it, now you all know my political affiliations...I just don't fit) would like to see an end to war and more support for those in poverty, the idea that this might be a possibility in the very near future just creeps me out.

So, perhaps I'm glad that I may not be able to vote this year, due to the vagaries and upheavals of my life. But I surely can pray. God have mercy.


urbansix said…
Consider absentee voting in your current district?
emily said…
I'm sort of in the same vote. I know who I don't want to vote for, but I'm not sure if I should just vote for the other guy or vote for someone I might agree with more, but knowing I'm not exactly affecting the outcome of the election.

Mimi said…
I'd get an absentee ballot, and send it in prior to your move.

As a FYI, the assisted suicide bill is up for a vote this year in our state, it isn't a foregone conclusion. Although, I have to admit, that the only ad against it is by Martin Sheen (who I love) but comes from a bizarre place instead of stating about how far we've come in pallative care in the past few years and the blessings of health care, it is a scare tactic about how low income people will start to be killed. Wha?????? I am sure that it is turning off a lot of people (and I'm voting against the proposition)

Anyway, I'll out myself as an anti-war Democrat as well, so we can stand together.
Mimi said…
That should have been "blessings of HOSPICE care" who I think are angels on earth.
Joi said…
I agree, vote absentee. I am also a democrat. There are some things I disagree with the party, but there are more things I agree with.
Veiled Glory said…
Wow, I didn't know about the "comfort" care clause in Oregon! If that had been my mother, who was in hospice care but then made a recovery and "graduated" over a year ago, she would have died. Her Drs., even though they gave her 6 months, still treated her as though she was going to live longer. And she did!

Anonymous said…
I believe that in the Netherlands they had to amend the euthanasia laws they had so many old people feeling guilty about living too long and depriving their children of their inheritance.

If I was American I'd vote for Mrs Pain ;-), sorry Mr McCain, in sheer simple gratitude for the volume of raving, looney feminist blood pressure she's raised. Besides, whichever gaggle of whining, canniving, overfed media hags we vote for the government always gets in anyway and will always do unspeakable things in our names.
Liz in Seattle said…
Another voice from the Northwest:

The assisted suicide bill has its home in the People's Republic of Western Washington, one of the most liberal areas of the nation. In fact, our state is almost like two states, divided along the Cascade Mountains. Wobblies and Communists and progressive Democrats, oh my! (I'm not equating those groups, just pointing out the prevalence of liberal viewpoints!)

ANYWAY! Having that bill pass here is not the same as having it pass in the conservative "heartland" of the country. I'd say keep an eye on it, but don't panic yet.

And FWIW, while it's an over-used term, I am really a crunchy con...pro life, pro environment, right-centrist politics. It's my job in life to defy a demographic niche ;-)
Anonymous said…
Both of my grandmother's were actively euthanised. My grandmaman was a Catholic Doctor. My mamaw was a fundamental missionary baptist. It's what they both wanted. My living will spefifically says that there will be no keeping me alive on tubes. Water and food will be withheld. My father is a nurse and my mother is a nursing student. They both know that if it comes down to it - administer the lethal dose of morphine. I am 100% all about it. I don't want my soul trapped in a dead body. And I'll do the same to my loved ones.

Also I don't vote based off off silly thing likes like active euthanasia and abortion. Those are not what I equate government with. If you're so concerned about those, house the dying and the mothers in your own home and your own parish buildings like Christ asked.
Anonymous said…
Could you give more information and some sources about the Oregon palliative care program? I am pretty sure you're misunderstanding it. It is SOP in the health system that in order to qualify for hospice care, a person needs to have a prognosis of six months to live and to discontinue lifesaving medical treatments. However, it doesn't make sense that one would be forced into a hospice program if effective treatments are available.

The problem with the way hospice works in the US is the necessity of making this choice, between palliative care and curative care. (By the way, "comfort care" IS medical care. It's provided by physicians, nurses, and other health professionals.)

I think it is deeply wrong that anyone should be forced into hospice and denied lifesaving treatment, but I am skeptical and would like to see you prove that this is how the program works before I get upset about it.
Dollymama said…
Hey Alana,
I've been thinking about your statement that you are against the war, and definitely not voting McCain. First of all, I was wondering if you meant that *because* you are against the war, therefore you would not vote McCain. This made me wonder if you felt that McCain is in favor of the war. I wholeheartedly admit that I am not the most astute when it comes to politics right now, but I was under the impression that pretty much everybody wants the war to end, McCain included.

My idea about this is that at this point it is a matter of how will the war be ended. Not liking it is way past the point. How we conclude it is the issue now--isn't it?

In no way am I trying to convince you of anything. I fail to be convinced myself. :) I was just interested in knowing more about what you meant with that statement and what your thoughts are on this issue.
Alana said…
I pretty much disagree with McCain on foreign policy in general. The fundamental question boils down to: Does America have the right or responsibility to itself as a nation to only ever promote self-interests among the global family of nations, which results pretty much in hegemony (insert imperial Star Wars music here), or do we need to take a softer stance.

It is unrealistic to think that we would not protect our interests, but to go beyone protecting our interests to promoting our economic interests by means of military interventions in forgein affairs is spiritually very frightening to me. Our nation will have to answer to God someday for this greed and disregard for human life as much as for our disregard for the lives of the unborn and the elderly. The weak get crushed by the machine that is this nation.

I guess believing that makes me a bad American, but I always have to be a Christian first.

And Palin's flippant and idiotic statements about potentially being at war with Russia were Georgia to join NATO (and I recall McCain making a statement supporting that idea during the debate) just goes to show how unafraid they are of picking or creating fights to promote their interests.

"Put not your trust in princes and sons of men, in whom there is no salvation..."

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