A Day Ahead of Schedule

I sort of have it laid out in my mind, what needs to happen prior to the big move on Saturday.

And surprisingly, this is Wednesday, and my list is short. Everything is packed except for clothes, towels, and kitchen...oh, and a few last items in the living room that will likely get dumped into a box labeled "Misc." late Friday night.

Today I need to pack the clothes. That involves folding some laundry and sticking some hanging things in the wardrobe boxes, a few items in a suitcase, and boxing up the rest. All the kids clothes are in big rubbermaid totes already, so that's automatically done.

After that, it's just the kitchen, and let me tell ya, I think I can pre-pack most of that as well. Not having much to eat in the house is helpful. Seems I'm making daily grocery runs for random things we run out of like smart balance margarine.

Last night I emptied the big freezer the rest of the way and unplugged it, so a bit of spray and wipe action and it will be set to go.

So I guess I'll be twiddling my thumbs come tomorrow afternoon.

Friday, we drive out to Louisville to sign the lease, take possession, and put toilet paper in the bathroom and beer in the fridge. Perhaps we'll make it to the DMV and the library.

Feeding people amidst all this chaos is rather interesting. Especially with B's GFCF diet.

So, that was an exciting and insightful post, wasn't it?


Liz in Seattle said…
TP and beer...LOL! Sounds like you know your movers, whomever they may be ;-)

No words of wisdom here, only keep praying. That's always really hard for me when there's any upheaval. Or maybe the smallest bit of upheaval is a good excuse to be slothful. So I should listen to my own advice.

GFCF...a lot of microwave "safe" food or cold-lunch style stuff? No clue there. But prayers comin' your way, for all the challenges.

Keep us (aka your remote prayer network) posted. :-)
Michelle M. said…
What good news! I hope the rest of your week goes very smoothly! love ya!
Lightfinder said…
I too laughed about TP and beer. My thought was "In that order?"

Hm. Lately I've been craving a nice glass of red wine... probly cuz I can't have it. As soon as I'm aloud I won't want it anymore. Haha.

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