Random Kerfluffle

I have the urge to write, but my thoughts are about as chaotic as my house right now. Our living room is an ocean of boxes with narrow little walking paths to get us to the chairs and couch.

My bedroom is the same. The kids' rooms, on the other hand are mostly empty. I guess their boxes wandered down to the living room.

Today, my goal is to similarly turn my kitchen into such a zone of chaos and pack up the remaining stuff that seems to spawn on my already packed desk and the coffee table. Oh, and sort out toiletries into suitcases and pack the rest of the bathroom. That stuff, I believe, will fit in one box.

Seriously, I'm THAT close. Wouldn't it be fun to bust a move and have it all done, and then take my kids to the movies this afternoon??????

I'm pretty excited about the move. I keep having anxiety thoughts, like what if we wreck the moving truck, or what if no one shows up to help us...or not enough people, that sort of thing.

And I'm sad about leaving all my friends and everything familiar. I don't normally battle my way though rush hour on Wednesday nights to make it down to Vespers, but last night I did since it was an Akathist for to the Saints of North America and we prayed out on the land. I was in the car for more than an hour coming down, but it was worth it. The sunset was glorious, and I got to make my last confession with Father J. That was really sad, but I'm glad I got to do it outdoors on the hill.


Laura said…
you will be in our prayers this weekend! It's sounds like you're off to a great start, having so much finished already!
elizabeth said…
you and family continue to be in my thoughts, prayers...
Anonymous said…
I've been thinking about you so much! I wanted to call you but of course today (Nov. 1) would have been a horrible day to do it. I hope everything went well and you are thoroughly enjoying your new digs! Lots of love.
gemma said…
Are you there yet??? Hope all is going well.

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