The Balancing Act

I'm having a little bit of trouble balancing my stuff these days. I tend to always fall behind on grading the kid's schoolwork, not so much because I'm slacking off (indeed, every day is full and I am going non-stop until I run. out. of. energy. ) but because I do run out of energy. That's a bummer, and I have to work really hard to NOT fall into self pity.

But I have to live with my body as it is, and not sit around wishing for that which is not, so it's time for me to find some ways to cope with my 2/3-3/4 situation. What I mean is, that's the fraction of energy I have compared to what I need.
My plan is to do school for five days, and a grading day in between. Then school for five days...etc. But I don't mean Saturdays. Saturdays have their own work. So this means that our summer "break" will be shorter, but that our on-going lives will be more sane during the school year.

Another thing, besides grading, that I'm finding particularly challenging is finding time to create the kid's school assignment lists. I have been writing them all out by hand in these nice manuals that the curriculum provided, but that has left me with permanent writer's cramp. I am thinking it will be faster to type up their weekly assignment lists, have them check off the work as it gets done, and at the end of the week, file the paperwork.

So, that's what I'm doing with school.

Additionally, I am working on monetizing this blog and increasing the traffic here. This means that I'll be working harder to provide some higher quality blog posts, more contemplative contemplations, more thoughtful thoughts, etc. And yes, that will mean being part of "the blogosphere conversation" in a more intentional way. Once I figure it out, I'll be adding tags and trackback features. Cleaning up my blogroll is also on the agenda. So now is a good time to let me know if you want to be added to my blogroll.

Also note that I added a new Gadget at the top of the sidebar for blog followers. Go ahead and sign up! Once I get my blogroll cleaned up and updated, I'll be doing the same.

I'will continue blogging about Orthodoxy, thoughts on Scripture readings, cooking, a few parenting snippets now and again, frugal living, homemaking, sewing how-to's, GFCF and Autism issues and occasionally posts about Fibromyalgia or living with chronic pain. Did I miss any topics?

And on top of all that schooling and blogging, I have a home to run, meals to prepare and clean up (and that includes recruiting help), and exercise to get.

Not to mention a hopefully soon upcoming move.

So, that's me in a nutshell. Now I need to go grade some papers. And drink another cup of coffee.


Anonymous said…
I'd love to be added to your blogroll, if you don't mind. I added you to mine as well. I was just reading yesterday about blog development-- I had no idea it was so involved! Good luck with everything!

Have you read or heard of the spoon theory? It should be the first result in a google search. It addresses the energy levels, or lack thereof, for people who have chronic illnesses (fibro, lupus, migraine, etc.) and I've found it helpful for explaining to my husband what migraine/chronic pain is like.

- Sarah
Alana said…
Yes, I have heard of the spoon theory. That's a wonderful analogy. Thanks for reminding me of it.
Monica said…

First, I'm going to tell you that I like your new design. And if you ever visit Orthodoxmothersdigest then by all means stick me on the blogroll. I suppose I've been a lurker more than a commenter, but I have enjoyed your blog for a while and you've been on my blogroll.

Now, I'm going to pick on you. If you are going to put "Koinonia" on your blog header, then perhaps you can't claim that we're all strangers (like you did a few weeks ago, when you seemed mad that people thought that because they read your blog they shared in your life). Thoughts?
Alana said…
Well, there's more sharing in life happening via the blog with "strangers" than there would be without the blog.

But I was really "yelling" at people who know me in real life, and who just read my blog and think that's enough.

Forgive me if I offended. I love the fact that a few people are de-lurking.
H and S said…
Great new blog design! But I am having difficulty reading the text - the colours of the text and the background don't work well for me. Don't just change it on my account, I just thought I'd let you know. I don't know how you get the time and energy to maintain such an interesting blog, but somehow you do! Thanks!
Alana said…
Hi H and S, is it the yellow on brown that is hard for you to read, or was it the black on gray that I had up earlier this afteroon?

I changed the template again to better match the dots of the coffee mug in the photo at the top.

I'm not in love with the way my eyes feel when I read the text as it is, too. I'm going to keep playing with colors.

And fwiw, I blog when I'm too tired to be doing anything else. That's why so much of my blog is not as intellectually stimulating as I would like for it to be.
Hi! I have been reading you for a while and really enjoy your perspective on life. I am an Eastern Rite Catholic, and have found much benefit in your spiritual reflections. I am a mom, too, and your real descriptions of life and love and the struggle to hold it all together in love inspire me.

Thought I would let you know you have a faithful reader who stays quiet most of the time.

Anonymous said…
Wow! What a wake-up this morning!

It's the PINK on brown that I can't read. Maybe make all the main text cream-colored and headings etc pink or blue, and bold it? The brown is a nice background, very trendy.

Also, is the pic at the top put in backwards? Because all the magpo words are backwards. Maybe it's just that wacky groovy coffee shop figured out a way to do it.
Liz in Seattle said…'re doing some cool things! I love it :-)

One suggestion, though. Maybe it's my old eyes, but it's really hard for me to read the light font on the dark background. Perhaps an extremely muted shade of that wonderful blue as a background, with chocolate text, might help me out.

Keep up the great work!
Joyful Days said…
Alana, I don't remember which curriculum you use or if you mix and match what works best. We school year round with more, smaller breaks spread out through the year. Making the schedule work for us vs. making us stick to something that taps us out.

Love the new look!

Marfa said…
Hey, that's a great new header! In the background, is that magnetic poetry?

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