Our upstairs, now that all the repair work, painting and new carpet are finished, done and installed, is FANTASTIC looking, as far as it goes.

It almost makes me think it might be worth it to throw some paint on the walls downstairs. If I had the energy, I would. It might hurt more than it helps, though, considering my profound lack of painting experience. I might ask some friends for help. Who knows? The thought of doing that much makes me want to curl up in a little ball, since I barely make it through the normal work of each day as it is.

Speaking of the upstairs, we listed our house yesterday. Apparently, there are strict rules on how houses get listed. If the upstairs, which was an attic at some point but got finished out and is now two rooms with sloped ceilings going down to meet three feet high walls, were counted, it would be a 1500 square foot house. But because the side walls go down to three feet, we can't list the upstairs as two rooms, or count the square footage in our listing.

So, we are owners of the amazing shrinking house. We bought a "four bedroom, 1500 sq. ft." home (and have been paying tax on it all these years, as such!), and will be selling a two bedroom, 960 sq. ft. home "with an expanded attic". Depressing.

I'm reminded of the time in the Bible, when Caleb and his army of Israelites got whittled down to the nubbins, just a few hundred men, to go against the Amalekites (was it?) who numbered in the tens of thousands. This was to show the glory of God.

So, our house will show the glory of God by being whittled down to such a small size, and how will it EVER sell without God doing a miracle? God have mercy! And may the Lord be glorified in all of this, and may our faith be built up and strengthened.


mamajuliana said…
praying that your house sells quickly!
maria said…
Just think how those folks, who are expecting a true 960 sq ft house, will be so excited at the expanded attic!! Wow, like Christmas!

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