Barely Scratching the Surface

I've had several face to face conversations with people in the real world recently that makes me think I need to point out something.

This blog is NOT a good way to keep track of the ins and outs of my life or be on intimate terms of friendship or familiarity with me.

I would like to remind everyone who does read my blog (and I dearly appreciate you and the fact that you care enough about me or the things I write to read this stuff) of what all I DON'T blog about:

I don't blog very many details about my kids. I try very hard to maintain their privacy. Therefore, most of my motherly concerns, stresses and interactions are NOT a part of this blog.

I don't blog much about my marriage either. Same reasons.

I don't give lots of details about tons of personal stuff, even though it might seem like it. Trust me, there are oceans of stuff in my life that I'm not blogging about. To be reading this blog and feel like you are keeping up with a friendship with me is utterly unfair to me.

I am very aware of the fact that the entire web can access this blog, that it is public, so I try hard to protect our privacy by not posting pictures of my kids or family.

I have not been blogging very much about the ins and outs of my real life relationships, or lack thereof.

I would also like to point out that if you know me, and you are reading this blog, I cannot know that you are reading this blog unless you leave a comment. Otherwise, I'm sending these little scraps of myself out into the void. So you might be reading it, and feel a connection, but unless you are commenting, I'm not getting anything back, and I don't feel any sort of connection. Sometimes I wonder if this isn't resulting in a rather painful imbalance in my life.

IF I have written anything about what it's like to live with kids on the spectrum, and I don't think I have very much, then I'm barely scratching the surface.

IF I have written anything about what it's like to have a chronically ill daughter, I have also barely scratched the surface of that subject in my life as well.

I know I've written a fair bit about my struggles to live with certain limitations caused by my own chronic illness, so there is that. But there's also much on that subject I have remained silent about.

I try to keep things as positive as I can. Who wants to read about crushing grief and disappointment fatigue and pain all the time, eh?

So, I suppose, all of this to say: This blog is barely scratching the surface. Just so you all know.


Liz in Seattle said…
No, this blog wouldn't lead to's one sided by definition, and of course you maintain privacy. But what it's done is make me think that, if I were in your community IRL, I would like to be real friends with you :-)

Prayers for your house sale.
elizabeth said…
I hear you. I bearly blog at all about my life... I do enjoy your blog though, as I know of you only through this. Your blog is enough to care about you! Prayers for you this day...
Ruth said…
Hey Alana, I'm reading even though I rarely comment. It's a strange medium, the internet - it's easy to think we know people when we don't at all. (I've sometimes felt that about the author of a book, too, though.)

I know there's more to your life than you show here, but I do enjoy reading, and I am praying for you and your family.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes I wish there was a "hello" button so you'd know I was thinking of you even when I can't find anything intelligent to say as a comment!

Take care.

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