Trouble Focusing

Whenver I have a big day, the day after I have a very hard time focusing and getting up and doing what's on my to do list.

This is such a day. I got home from liturgy after stopping off at the store, and it's been sitting on my butt time ever since.

Why is that?

I ought to get up. My list is short. I could rest better if I did that stuff now and then took it easy, rather than sitting here with these few things hanging over my head.

Am I motivated, now that I've told the world? I don't know.

Go clean the bathroom. Tidy the kitchen, mop the floors and bake a birthday cake. And then I will be free. That's my list.

Seems like I ought to get it done in short order. By 2 pm at the latest. It's 12:46 right now.

My only excuse is that my oldest is busy baking cookies and the kitchen is occupado. It really is a one-butt kitchen.

Where will my motivation come from? God have mercy.

UPDATE: I got it all done and then 2 o'clock. The "then some" included getting some garden fresh tomatoes blanched and into the freezer. That feels good.


Veiled Glory said…
Oh, I'm not helping you in sending more e-mails. Ok, leave Alana alone for at least 24 hrs. I will eat Tuna Mac n Cheese tonight with a grateful heart. ;)

Anonymous said…
good job!! i have days like that, and often it doesn't turn out as well as yours did, but when they do, boy does it feel good :)
maria said…
You go girl!!
H and S said…
Okay, how did you do all that in 1 hour 45 minutes? That would have taken me all day.

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