Friday, August 08, 2008

A Trip to Parisa

For anyone living in my town, if you have not been into Parisa, the international grocery store yet, give it a whirl. I've lived here for HOW many years, and today was the first day I ever shopped there. I have a friend who raves, and so I took the plunge.

The item I was specifically after was a big can of stuffed grape leaves (Dolmades, I think they are called). They are delish, and lenten, and sit there in the fridge waiting to be grabbed and eaten.

We also came away with some falafel mix, some stuff to make curried lentils, and a jar of red currant jelly.

I was intrigued by the dried lemons. What would one use those for? I can imagine throwing one into a soup for flavor. Or rice as it cooks. Does anyone from the middle east know? Perhaps next time I will try some out.

It was fun to go in there, and browse the aisles and find intriguing culinary treasures.

Whenever I go to an international market, I always come away with the notion that food and eating in the USA is somehow out of balance. But that's not a new thought, is it?


JustinZ said...

Regarding the dried lemons, you put them in stews/soups or anything else that cooks for a long time. My wife knows this because she asked the owner. If you have any questions about any of the items, just ask the owner or the other guy who works there.

Marfa said...

Sounds great....I would LOVE some falafel right now. My mom gave us some of her delish tabouli.

Alana said...

Hey JustinZ, your wife is quite a bit chattier than I am, especially with strangers. But that's what I figured those things were for. Just too shy to actually ask.

Ruth said...

They have the best tea there. Real tea, that is, not the herbal variety.