The Start of Something New

I like new beginnings. I suppose that's one of my biggest foibles, as it leads to me chaning things up constantly, or always making new resolutions, or starting new diets...

But sometimes in life, a new beginning rolls around on a fairly regular basis:

Back to School!

And this is particularly real for me since I'm a Home Schooling Mom (note the caps).

For some reason I don't let it be too much of an all-encompasing identity. I don't go crazy at curriculum fairs, and don't have a huge stash of unused materials that I bought on a whim, and I don't tend to spend my free time browsing home schooling catalogs or reading home school magazines.

I don't even blog about it all that often, do I?

But today I must. You see, yesterday I had the giddy experience of opening the three boxes of books that came in the mail. Awaiting one more, and then I'll get to crack into them.

It's that fresh feeling of fall coming and the anticipation of learning, and I want to be wearing tights and cardigans (yeah, right, it's August in KY, and we don't get tights and cardigan weather until November around here!) and freshly sharpened pencils, erasers that have not yet been lost and the hope of unsullied composition books.

It won't last, but while it does, I'll enjoy the feeling. And I really hope my kids are similarly excited.


Sammybunny said…
I always love back to school. I am about to start my third year in college and I can't WAIT until we start back! Especially since I am starting the teacher education program this year! How exciting to see a fellow teacher so excited! I just know your children/students are very lucky to have such a dedicated educator in their midst!
Anonymous said…
We are in the "quiet before the storm" pause in the library. Fall semester starts in two weeks. The librarians are furiously trying to get projects done before the dazed & confused freshman (and sophmores and so forth) wander in with stoopid questions. There are stoopid questions, no matter what other people say, I have heard a few!

Anyhow, I sooo want to wear my comfy corduroy jumpers! Predicted high temp today: 104 F. Rabbits.
Marfa said… when are you going to start? We'll begin in 3 weeks. I'm really excited for this year, wish I was developing the curriculum, but I'm going to add things in as they come up...

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