Pictures of Basel!

My parents just got back from visiting Switzerland for a month, and here are some pictures they took of the old "stomping ground". Of course I cried when I saw them.

Well, all you blog readers, here's the city where I lived when I was a kid.

Included: Old wooden house on Thumringerstrasse, where I lived when I was in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. "Mittlerebuecke"-a shot looking across the oldest bridge in Basel, looking from Kleinbasel towards Grossbasel. Notice all the bikes and mopeds and scooters. A tram stop at Marktplatz in Grossbasel, where the weekly open air market is held.

A shot of the apartment building we lived in when I was in 3rd grade-beginning of 6th grade. My room was on the second floor, the sticking out part (the brown pepply newer looking apartment building).

The red building is the Rathaus, at Marktplatz in Grossbasel.

And last but not least, are pictures of St. Mattheuskirche, where we attended Church on Sunday mornings (Swiss Reformed) and St. Blaesischule, where I attended 3rd and 4th grade. My brother and I did lots of roller skating on that asphalt school yard when school was not in session. We even had hockey sticks.

The brown pebbly apartment is about 1/4 block from the school, (the photo shot is facing the direction of the school yard). The back of St. Mattheuskirche (St. Matthew's Church) faces the school yard as well. It's all very close.

Since Basel has the Rhine River dividing it into two parts, the parts are referred to as "Greater Basel" (Grossbasel) and "Lesser Basel" (Kleinbasel). We lived, of course, in Kleinbasel.

Here's a nice wikipedia entry.


Anonymous said…
Basel has a place in my heart too yet I have never seen it. When I was a child my mother, a university lecturer, could travel through the student travel service so we went to Europe by train. London or Edinburgh to Florence. We always ended up in Basel in the "wee small hours" eating the last of our London sandwiches and waiting avidly for the train to Milan. I have always promised myself that one day I will see it. Perhaps next year I will get a Eurorail ticket and do just that.
bjm said…
Darling Daughter, you have presented our old stomping grounds well. I realize we forgot to photograph the bakery. :( Sorry.
Alana said…
I've been on that train to Milan!

If you ever do get to visit Basel, they have an excellent Museum of Fine Art, and also a Ballet Company that was worth seeing perform 30 years ago. And Soccer. Don't forget the Soccer!
gemma said…
There's no place like home!
Elizabeth said…
It looks gorgeous !
No wonder you have nice memories of the places shown :-)

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