How do "Regular" Teachers Do It????

I just got done catching up on grading. I'll admit, I had three days's worth, for all subjects, for all four kids.

Two hours of work.


Note I said "regular" teachers and not "real" teachers. I'm a "real" teacher, too.

And this year, it feels more like it.

Dinner tonight?

Cornbread and Lima bean soup.

Lima bean soup:

chopped onion
chopped carrots
soaked lima beans
package of fake-o-vegan "pepperoni", chopped
two vegetarian "beef" flavored bouillion cubes
the rest of the spinach that needed to get cooked
and water.

Crock pot on high for half the day, then I turned it down. It's been unplugged for a while now, but it is still nice and warm.


mamajuliana said…
...grading in school?

They find a teacher's aid or a student teacher and they grade the papers...all teacher has to do is record in the big green book..

When we were in full fledged homeschooling with just two cherubs in upper grades, I could spend an entire Saturday morning grading papers...

fun, isn't it?
Alana said…
It's lots of work, and part of me would rather be doing something where I was getting paid. But...

The payoff comes when my ten year old son takes his American History book up to his bed to read at night because he LOVES IT!!!!

And when my oldest dd doesn't have bruises on her forehead from where bullies were manipulating her into bashing her own head against her desk.

And that my kids are NOT into Hanna Montana and the new "sexy tween" look.

And that we get to pray together every morning, and I get to teach them the Christian Faith.

So, some things are worth more than earning money, I guess.

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