Grumpety Grump

I woke up this morning and remembered that we are OUT OF COFFEE!!!!! Auuuuuugh! So I got up and went to the store before breakfast. Not my favorite way to spend the morning.

So, I"m dragging around Kroger getting this and that...and the coffee...

I'm sure the cat, if he knew, would be duly grateful as well, since we were out of cat food just as much as we were out of coffee.

But, I must admit, I would have served that cat tuna fish mixed with oatmeal if it hadn't been for my need for caffeine.

And yes, I've read the stuff that says that merely be switching to green tea I could flush all sorts of belly fat. I tried, I really did. But there's just nothing like the ol' cup of

Morning Coffee!



Anonymous said…
*snort* if green tea did half of what it's supposed to I'd make Julia Roberts look fat. Keep consuming the caffeine!
Alana said…
I knew there was a reason I like you, Margi!
Mimi said…
Bwahahahahahahahaa. The cat missed out.

And, the other day, Dh and I got back from a trip, woke up the next morning to discover we had no coffee, and went out for breakfast. I totally get it.

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