Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First of the coming Fall Season

Today, it was cool enough, that I wanted these this morning:

But I'll most likely be in sandals and sweating in a few hours, and taking a cold shower to cool off by tonight.

So it goes.


Veiled Glory said...

I wish it were wooly sock weather here. That only lasts about two weeks, however, then back to summer. :-(

mamajuliana said...

As I sit here in my kitchen...with the fan on high...putting off the inevitable-turning on the oven to prepare supper-I look at you picture and sigh...oh when will the cool weather hit our region?

Enjoy the woolies!

H and S said...

Funny, I'm rugged up here in Australia next to my heater, wishing for Spring! We're just never content with what we've got.

Marfa said...

Those are cute...yes, we've had a taste of fall here, too!