Blarch. My wrists are cycling right now. Much weakness and sudden bursts of pain when I'm doing things like holding a full carafe of hot coffee.

And it seems that I turned my ankle a few days ago, because it is all bruised and swollen, but I'm in NO pain down there, and I can walk on it just fine if I'm wearing closed shoes. I was getting some twinges when I was going for a longer walk in my sandals yesterday, and that was before I even noticed the bruising.

My body is SO WEIRD!!!!!!


marsha said…
I'm so sorry! I also wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your recent "this is what Orthoodxy is/does for us" type of posts or "this is how we do it".

Marfa said…
Uh oh! Hope the pain subsides!
Veiled Glory said…

Your wrists will be better in the longterm.

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