I was out, talking with my sobbing son today, during Church. Why does he pick just this time to be all upset about EVERYTHING? (He's ten). So I was trying very hard to be a good parent, and be a good listener...

...and I missed communion!!!!...

Big, HUGE bummer!

Was it a genuine need on his part (with my parental responsibility being done rightly), or could I have established a boundary and not let him pull me out of Liturgy like that? Hard to say.

This week has felt like I have a NEW JOB. The curriculum we are using is just what I wanted. All laid out, no slacking. But the kids are getting the education they need, and that is what's important.

So, I have a new job. Too bad I don't get paid.


elizabeth said…
hang in there with all of this!
Anonymous said…
When I was young if I was upset then being in church always made it "come out".
maria said…
It's so hard to know how to balance all this -- how can we be there for our kids AND for ourselves?
Mimi said…
Those things happen now and then, you did good.

And, once or twice, if the priest saw me duck out with a fussy child, he'd give me a bit of reserved communion at the end, but not every time, so I'd just chalk it up to "mom's Liturgy"

Liz in Seattle said…
Isn't it amazing how the enemy tweaks us, and how the worst of everything comes out on Sunday morning (or before Vespers, or...)? I've missed communion a time or two, for the same reason. And once (when my eldest was 2) I experienced the 5-second Liturgy. Thank God for cry rooms and baby monitors!

Oh, and yes, you are getting paid. We in the blogosphere have voted to double your salary. Live it up. ;-)
Anonymous said…
I honestly don't think it's the enemy. Kids don't always know how to pour things out in their hearts so it all comes out in tears and worries and to who else but mum? To paraphrase Anne of Avonlea, it's hard to know God's love without the medium of human love, and when everything floods out of you in Church (where else should it?) you turn to your mum. First time I went to a monastery as an adult I howled at my friend for about an hour and then I phoned another friend who was an Anglican priest while the first friend boiled up Turkish... oooops Greek... coffee for me on the Abbot's stove. Church is about the most natural place in the world for it to "all come out" as far as I can see.

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