A Confession with Great Humility

A few months ago, I blogged about wanting to help the charity "Goods for Girls" (see sidebar). But have I done it yet? No, I have not.


Because every pay period that comes along, there seems to be more expenses than pay check and I have not had the chance to order any of the necessary materials yet.

But I still manage to buy plenty of sodas, and other wee little impulse purchases here and there.

God have mercy. I need a better strategy.

No, actually, I just need to do it. Yesterday was pay day and so I could go right now and buy what I need to do this.

I think I will.

Off I go.

So, there's my humble confession.

Am I the only one who thinks about doing good, talks about doing good, but then who does not follow through and actually DO good?


brenda weisel said…
hi. i've been reading and enjoying your blog for several months now. maybe you have heard of Dave Ramsey? we took the financial peace university class this spring and it changed our lives. brenda
Alana said…
Yay. Dave Ramsey. BTDT. We've been snowballing for years. Small shovel, big pile. We press on.
Veiled Glory said…
Convicted also....I have most of the materials. Will order the PUL this weekend.

Happy sewing...I'd like to see pics. :)
emily said…
I all-to-often find I have trouble actually following through with my good intentions. Lord have mercy on me, a sinner.

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