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A new pencil sharpener. Freshly sharpened pencils.

Colored pencils sorted by rainbow shades in the caddy.

Blue pens. Red pens.

White erasers.

Dry erase markers for the white board.

Two magnifying glasses, a new globe (How long will the borders be accurate with war brewing in Georgia smack dab on top of an international pipeline? God have mercy!)

Wide rule notebook paper, composition books, and accordion folders. One for each.

Shiny new textbooks, teacher notebooks just waiting to be used. Multi-colored tab dividers.

School supplies make me giddy.


Bonnie said…
Me too. We just got our crossover grips! :-D
Veiled Glory said…
In a moment of irrational exuberance, I purchased almost $20 of school supplies last week. Pencils, pens, a notebook with dividers. Oh my! We will be well-stocked for at least a year. And we don't have children...

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