A Visit to Louisville

We drove out to Louisville yesterday, and attended Church at St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church. The choir was very good and the pews are quite comfy! Oh, and gorgeous icons. Coffee hour was extremely noisy and that bothered my autistic daughter. I met about three people and we introduced ourselves to the priest. I didn't get in any long conversations with anyone, either. It will take some doing, getting used to a big parish. Seems like a person could feel a little less self-important in such a context. I haven't been to a Church that big since High School...and that one was way bigger, even than St. Michael's. But everyone keeps telling me it's a WONDERFUL parish, so I'm sure eventually we'll be able to find our niche. But the thought of leaving St. Athanasius makes me literally cry.

Then we ate lunch at Fazoli's, and on a whim drove around looking at the exteriors of some apartment complexes. There was one very near where Wes works, and we actually took a tour of a unit that was being readied for someone to move in to. It looked nice, and the kids are excited to move, now.

We'll keep looking around, though, and not just jump into the first place we look at.

Besides, we have to sell our house first. That will take a total miracle, I think. Please pray for us on that.

It was a good day, but very busy, so today I'm tired, of course. I've been reading apartment complex reviews, and boy, THAT is a depressing prospect. All people do is complain about how horrid management is, or how nothing ever gets fixed properly...that sort of thing.

Of course, here at home, nothing ever gets fixed properly, either. So it might still be an improvement. But reading all that did remind me of some of the difficulties inherent to apartment living.

The whole thing is scary and depressing. And overwhelming.


Veiled Glory said…
Cockroachs, smokers next door, and ants. Those are our banes. Then again, rent is $380 a month...so we get what we pay for.

May we both gain a better home in this life and the life to come!

Mimi said…
It sounds like things are falling into place nicely, and you definitely have my prayers for a house sale!
elizabeth said…
Lord have mercy. It is hard. I believe it is okay to cry, btw. If I ever have to leave my current home parish, I know I will cry... will pray for you and family. St. Xenia is a goodone to ask for prayers for homes and families - I am sure you know this, but just incase you did not, thought I would mention it. I know she has helped my friends find good places...
Joi said…
We moved from a house to an apartment and the biggest adjustment is our incredibly noisy upstairs neighbors.But it is still worth it in the long run even if it seems as if they are hosting a stampede. I will keep you in my prayers that you find all that you are looking for and that it all falls into place for you.

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