Too Materialistic

I have definitely come to the conclusion, that as simple as I try to keep things, I am still possessed by too many possessions.

Our family is in the process of a big clear out. After that, we are going to try and sell our house. Yes, I said it.

Lord willing, we'll be moving to Louisville. It's where Wes works, and he drives 150 miles a day to and from. We miss him. Moving would give him 2 extra hours of time, per day. We might could get to a mid-week prayer service or two. We might could have more family time.

And such a drive is crazy, isn't it? That's five gallons of gas per day in his little gas-friendly Nissan. It adds up. $$$$$$$$$ Cha Ching!

The thought of leaving my parish and my other friends here in Lex makes me want to cry.

Not that I have an eye to move I realize that, we have so much stuff. So these days I'm working hard to cull the things that we don't use. I was able to give a stack-o-Thomas-Merton-books to one friend of mine today.

I have a "things that belong to other people which we need to return" crate going.

Closets are getting purged. Multiple trips to thrift stores to send stuff away.

I just don't have what it takes to do a yard sale.

Soon I need to turn some scrutiny towards the things filling my kitchen cabinets.

All this just creeps in under the doors at night, or something, and takes up permanent residence. Feels like a ball and chain to me at times. The detritus of years of living.

But then I find myself wanting more. I guess it's because I'm

too materialistic.


Erica said…
Even though we rarely get to see each other, it's hard to imagine you not being right down the road! :( I'm so glad you have your blog going so I can keep a connection going.

That being said, I am sure that a big clear out will feel very freeing, and hope that the whole selling/buying/moving process goes along smoothly.

Hugs to you, dear old friend!
Joi said…
I so understand what you are going through. Even after moving to Ohio, I am still coming across stuff that I wondered why I kept. Purging excess clutter is a never ending process. If as time goes on, you need an ear to vent on , I am here. Moving sucks, but in the end it is worth it!
Either way, you are going to be less than 200 miles from me...and I like that!!!
H and S said…
Wow that's a big decision. Best wishes with the whole process! More family time is always a good thing.
Mimi said…
I know how scary it is to contemplate moving, and we made the decision to stay.

Hugs and love.
elizabeth said…
wow. have been thinking of you about this. moving is really hard, esp. leaving your church. i wish you did not have to do so and that your husband could find a job nearer to home. but i know life and job-finding is not simple.

as a child in grade 7 i moved just to a new house about a 10-15 minute drive from the old house and it marked the end of my childhood and in someways seemed to change everything...

seeking to pray for you.
Veiled Glory said…
Do you have a Freecycle group in Lex?

Hubby and I are considering a Freecycle yard "sale" when we de-junk. I'm scouting possible empty lots along main roads where we can set up a table and some blankets. Hubby holds a sign, "FREE stuff!" Tee-hee! It should be loads of fun.

Alana said…
Ah yes, freecycle. I got my coffee maker via free cycle.

Unfortunately, most of our stuff is either usable and we do, or totally delapidated crap that I will relish throwing out.

Plans moving along. We did some more clearing this weekend, and dh has some information he plans to gather this week (on stuff like renter's insurance rates, U-haul capacity, that sort of thing.)
Veiled Glory said…
Go with Penske, their terms are much more reasonable. When I went cross-country last time, they upgraded my truck because they simply didn't have my size at the lot. Turns out, I had more stuff than I expected and needed the space. :)
Anonymous said…
Kipple drives out non kipple ;-)
Marfa said…
I am a pack rat. Materialistic? I guess so, I really need to take care of things.
We're not too Cincinnati. I can't believe how much driving your husband does...sounds like a change is needed!
Anonymous said…
Wow, things are progressing!! Thinking of you...
maria said…
Oh, my... please do not let YOU be materialistic. Because that means I'm in very serious trouble. Yikes.

And, I've meme'd you. Check out my blog and make me proud!

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