Friday, July 18, 2008

A Short Trip to the Audiologist

For one thing, my ears are tiny. Undergrown. Runty. The very nice and loud/clear speaking audiologist had to keep reaching for a smaller device. I think I have infant sized ears. Seriously. A long time ago, a doctor noted that my eustacian tubes were not going up and down the way an adult's normally would, but were still horizontal, like a small child's. That fits with the whole "my ears forgot to grow" theory. All my kid's ears are way bigger than mine.

Long story untold so far: Too much ear wax impacted against my left ear drum to do anything. And when I used the ear wax dissolving fluid, it just stayed there, so I have all this fluid in my ear.

Next week I go see an ENT who will manually clean out the ear wax and then send me over to get my hearing tested.

I'm tired of living in this sound fog.


Marfa said...

I think you have cute dainty ears...what's worse is having HUGE ears. Too bad you've got lots of wax...hope they can relieve it!

Elevation Perception said...

Hey - I kinda had a similar problem. My doctor told me that my ear canal was too small, so whenever I try to clean my ears, it only pushes the wax further in. So no q-tips for me. And I have to periodically go to the doctor and get my ears flushed. Good stuff...