Friday, July 25, 2008


I was listening to a podcast from Ancient Faith Radio yesterday, and I had a new thought. This is going to seem so patently obvious to some, most likely, but for me it was a new thought.

It's not the WORK of Jesus Christ which saves us, but rather the PERSON of Jesus Christ the God-Man whose incarnation was for us, WHO saves us.

And in a similar vein, Fr. J. told me of something that Father Stephen Freeman used to tell him day in day out: "Fr. Justin, never forget that our God is literally mercy incarnate."


Anna said...

Hi Alana,

I am a very practical person, but sometimes when I am thinking in "ideals" such as mercy, peace, salvation, etc, it's easy to forget that we are saved by a person. We don't pray to an ideal, we pray to a concrete, real person.

gemma said...

I read a book recently and keep reading it over and over -- it is about Jesus as God's self portrait...all of God's traits are incarnate in Jesus...aren't we lucky?

Poppy Dadswell said...

thank you for your links!