If you give a Mouse a Cookie...

You know the book?

Well, I'd gone grocery shopping which always makes me tired in italics. Tired.

So, after sitting and looking at the computer for a while, I decided I must force myself to do something constructiverather than piddle on the computer in a tired stupor all afternoon. I go to my bedroom where my Bible is. I start to read. I realize my water bottle is empty and that I have not had any water yet today. But then my daughter comes in, complaining of a sliver in her foot, so we move to the living room where the light is better to do minor sliver surgery with a needle and some tweezers. When we are done, I remember an e-mail I sent to Wes, and wonder if he's answered my question yet or not. I open up the laptop and check e-mail. After a few minutes of distraction, I remember that I'd better put some dinner in the crock pot for a late supper, so I get up and drag myself to the kitchen. In the kitchen I find that someone put the icream in the fridge instead of the freezer. Chocolate goo is all over the fridge and the floor. I clean it up. Then I finally get the chicken out of the freezer and into the microwave. I start heating up the crock pot and realize this would be a good time to do some laundry. I get the clean stuff out, put the dirty stuff in, dump the contents of the dryer on my bed, etc. Then I remember that I'd promised the kids a big bowl of pop corn since dinner will be late tonight. So I go make the popcorn. While it is popping, I am reminded that popcorn makes people thirsty and that I still have not had any water today. So I go to the bedroom to fetch my water bottle. Looking at the bed makes me realize that I'm tired... with italics.


Michelle said…
That is great!

Although, I much prefer If You Give a Pig a Pancake. :)
Joi said…
I so have days like this. It is a never ending circle where you feel like you come back to where you started without accomplishing what you set out to do in the first place.
Alana said…
But somehow in the chaos, the fridge got cleaned, chicken got into the crock pot, the laundry got done and kids had popcorn to eat. And I"m still tired.
Joyful Days said…
Have you been peeking into my life?

You know almost every time I remember I need to get some water I think of you saying to drink more water!!

Sammybunny said…
Awesome! Days like that are awesome even though they make you really tired. But it IS kind of funny how your body/mind will get on auto-pilot and do the things that need to be done in a very cyclical way!
Jasmine said…
Great post--this is how my life looks too if I analyze it. It's funnier in print.

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