How Can a Lazy Summer be so Busy?

The interesting thing about homeschooling is that I don't quite feel the contrast between summer and the other seasons quite the same way that moms who send their kids out to school might feel it.

Long before we were done (which we at long last officially are!) with our school year, we were already frequenting the pool. On the flip side, during the busy winter Christmas season, we were slacking off on school work, neener, neener. But we go it all done this year, and that is good. I still strive for a bit more purpose and structure, so here's hoping for next year.

Seems like every day there is more to do than energy will allow, so I stay busy. I've been giving my kids their CAT tests this week (that's California Achievement Test) so that Seton will know how to place them. I glanced through the booklets, and based on what the kids are saying, I think everyone will pass with flying colors. I'm not worried.

We continue our big purge in preparation for hopefully moving. My son's room has never been so clean! Nor so empty! The poor boy has hardly any toys. This was discovered once we got rid of all the cardboard box pieces and styrofoam pieces, papers and junk he likes to collect. At one point he was making a suit of armor out of cardboard. He has an aspieish friend who LOVES weapons of all types. So it's been "swords", pillow fights, and cardboard armor, lego hand granades, etc. God have mercy. I suppose it's a boy thing. What else do ten year old boys like? His birthday is a month away. My youngest will be NINE and he will be TEN. Those were my BABIES, folks! Emphasis on were.

Next Sunday we are going to visit St. Michael's in Louisville. Wes went there for Vespers last night after work, and he said the singing was beautiful. It will be neat to go to St. M's on a normal Sunday. We've only ever been for pan-Orthodox vespers a time or two, and I, for a retreat to hear a nun give a talk. So at least it's not a total unknown. But darn it, I'm going to miss St. Athanasius when we move!

And speaking of the kids growing two older girls were sent off with a pan of brownies in tow for a YOUTH GROUP activity. Oh, my! We are into that phase now! I remember how great going to youth group was when I was a teen, and I'm so grateful for the young adults who are doing this good work. My head is spinning.

So, the "teenagers" (I put it in quotations because dd2 is "only" 12, but in my mind she's in the "teenagers" category) and I have all decided we need more exercise, so now my newly revived walking program includes the two older girls, and they are keeping me accountable. We decided to call our two mile walk "the Meriton" and once we push it up to three miles, we will call it "the Netherfield". Ah yes..."Shall we walk the Netherfield, or the Meriton today, dears?" I need to scour other Jane Austen books for a moniker for a 2.5 mile walk. Please leave suggestions in the comments box.

So, today I must fold some laundry, give phase two of the cats tests and take some growing bodies to the half-off day at the thrift store to see if we can find any clothes to fit them.

And this is why I have not blogged much lately.


Veiled Glory said…
How about a Sense & Sensibility walk? Not close to a copy of the book or movie, atm, to garner a name.

Amy said…
I really like the idea for naming the walks! I am totally going to steal them...lately all I can manage is barely a Meriton. Here's to a Netherfield soon!
Anonymous said…
What a super idea, Jane would love you! I love it.

Hey, have you heard of the book "What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew" or some long title like that. It's a very fun book that talks about all the cultural and historical details that can bring the books alive (like, what on earth is an Assizes?) I think the DDs would get a kick.
Anonymous said…
The walk to Netherfield is barely three miles but you will need to arrange for your petticoats to be six inches deep in mud by the end of it. Winthrop, in Persuasion, fixes Henrietta up with her young man so watch out for your girls (!) and it’s also good for collecting hazelnuts. I don’t advise any of Marianne’s walks as they end in sprained ankles, undesirable young men and near fatal illnesses. Henry, Elinor and Catherine go on some very “nice” walks around Bath but beware that your delightfully horrid reading habits may be revealed. I am sure there are distances described in Emma between Hartfield and Randalls, etc, so that Mr Woodhouse can fret about the horses but I can’t remember them. Perhaps on returning from Randalls or Hartfield you could treat yourselves to a lovely bowl of gruel?
Ruth said…
Hey Alana, have you seen this blog? The author posts a Jane Austen quote each day. :-)

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