Happiness is....

...being slightly loopy on Benadryl (for the hives. I'm officially allergic to CEFPROZIL) while the teenage and almost teenage daughters bake artisan bread and make black bean dip the sauteed onions in which smell SOOOOO NICE!

Perhaps I'll add a picture to this post when it all comes out of the oven.

Meanwhile, the house smell good, and I'm on drugs!


maria said…
This sounds great!!
Veiled Glory said…
Medicated Loopiness....almost as good as alcohol loopiness, except not as many giggles. :)

Black bean dip...you tempt me but include no recipe??

Callie said…
One of my clients had a similar reaction to antibiotics fairly recently. I (a nurse) never knew that you COULD get hives from antibiotics! I hope they give you a different kind.
I also hope you enjoy the bread! That sounds good!

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